A pregnant woman with a cell phone in an EMF-reducing maternity top
image description Protec fabric EM (electromagnetic) waves from cell phones, microwaves, etc. Reduced EM waves

Behind Protec's EMF-reducing maternity clothes

Protec's EMF-reducing maternity wear was developed by scientists and physicians in the US and Europe.

Protec was founded when an American biomedical engineer with 15 years of experience in EMF effects on reproductive biology partnered with a respected European medical doctor and reproductive scientist to look into the effects of EMF on human life.

Upon completing their review of all published literature on the effects of EMF, the team found that there was sufficient evidence to indicate that EMF (electromagnetic fields emitted from cell phones, power lines, electrical appliances, and the like) may be a concern during pregnancy.

Troubled (but also inspired), they developed a fabric capable of reducing an unborn baby's exposure to EMF. This is the very fabric used in Protec's EMF-reducing maternity tops today.

These tops were also developed to reduce EMF exposure for non-pregnant women concerned about their reproductive systems.

Protec's leading expert

Protec's leading expert on maternal-fetal medicine and reproductive sciences is a doctor of medicine (MD) who also holds a PhD in reproductive clinical science.

She has authored over 25 peer-reviewed papers in reproductive sciences and on maternal-fetal environmental effects in addition to two published book chapters on the subject. She has received numerous awards in the medical field, including the Award of Research Excellence award from the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

In addition to her work on the Protec Maternity Wear team, she serves as an associate professor in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

How do Protec's maternity clothes reduce EMF?

Aside from EMF-reducing fabric, the only known way for a woman to minimize her EMF exposure is to maintain a physical distance from cell phones, computers, household appliances, buried and overhead power lines, and the like: an option the Protec team felt is simply not feasible for the modern expecting mother.

In terms of EMF-reducing fabric, there are two main ways to reduce EMF: reflection and absorption. Protec's patented fabric uses both methods. (United States Patent Number 8,434,169)

  • With reflection, the EMF-shielding fabric contains movable charge carriers (electrons) that react with incoming EMF waves from a source such as a cell phone. This process transfers energy temporarily from the EMF wave to the EMF-reducing fabric, which redirects this energy away from the wearer of the maternity top.

  • With absorption, the EMF-shielding fabric contains electric and/or magnetic "dipoles" that react to the incoming EMF waves. In the process, energy from the EMF waves is transferred to the EMF-reducing fabric, which bounces it harmlessly among other fabric molecules.

As a result, a significant portion of EMF is reduced before ever reaching the pregnant woman's belly.


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