cell phone use during pregnancy safe with EMF-reducing maternity-garments

EMF-reducing graphic maternity tee

Our graphic maternity tee is cool in more ways than one! Look and feel cool while enjoying reduced EMF for your baby. Imported. $69 ... but enjoy 30% off this price when you order through us! (No coupon code necessary; discount automatically applied at checkout.)

Fabric: Our printed maternity tee is crafted of a soft cotton/
polyester/spandex knit with liner (which includes special EMF-reducing embedded elements). Machine wash on delicate cycle, tumble dry low, but do not bleach or iron on medium or high heat. Protec's patented EMF protection is unique in that it does not wash out. Patented: United States Patent Number 8,434,169; Canadian Patent Number 2,749,327

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EMF-reducing maternity clothing

Modern maternity clothes that reduce your baby’s exposure to electromagnetic fields